Simple Memory Improvement Tips Can Improve Your Life

How many times have you been driving home and suddenly had that sinking feeling that you've forgotten something. You walk in the door and you husband or wife greets you loveingly and hands you your anniversary present.

It's at that point that you realise another year has gone by and you have totally fogotten your anniversary again. If you have had this experience before then it's time for you to look at making an improvement to your memory.

By following a few easy memory improvement tips it will be easy for you to make a dramatic improvement to your memory and never have to worry again about forgetting things, which is the first - and probably the main - reason why simple memory improvement tips can improve your life.

Now, there are several different categories for your memory. These include remembering dates and events, names and faces, factual information and lists. In each of these areas there are different memory improvement tips and tools that you can use for your memory improvement.

If your one of these people that can never remember someones name there are several techniques that you can use. The most commonly used one by people around the world is to associate a rhyme with their name. For example, if your out at a party and get introduced to a new person named Tony. The first thing you want to do is make sure you repeat their name once or twice in conversation. "Hi Tony, pleased to meet you." This will help to confirm their name in your short term memory.

To help lock this name into your long term memory the next thing you do is associate it with a rhyme of some sort. e.g. Tony the pony. Now every time you see that person for the rest of the night repeat to yourself in your mind "tony the pony" and start to imagine that person as a pony. Once you've got this locked into your mind it's vertually impossible to forget. Some memory improvement tips really are that simple.

The other great thing to do is try to match your rhyme to a common feature about their appearance. By doing this it will help to recognize them in the future as well.

Another common memory improvement tip, when it comes to lists, is to make a word a saying/sentence or just remember the first letters of the list. By doing this it will help to jog your memory to exactly what was on the list. For example if you had to go to the shop and remember 5 items you could do it like follows.






Have a look at your list and in this case we can re-arrange it to be.

B read

L ollies

A pples

C hocolate

K etchup

Now from the first letters in this case it spells Black. Now all you have to do is remember Black and when you get to the supermarket it will help you to know there were 5 things and they started with B L A C K

Once you learn all these easy little memory improvement techniques you'll be able to have a fantastic memory in virtually no time at all. So there you have it, the most important reasons why simple memory improvement tips can improve your life.

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